Why Wheatberry Bake Shop's European Style Artisan Breads Are Healthy


  • Unbleached and Unbromated Bread Flour
  • Bleach and Bromate are chemicals used to speed up the aging process so mills can sell their product faster. Bromate has been proven to cause cancer in lab rats. (Click for more of Bromates)
  • Whole Grain Flours (Stone Ground Whole Wheat and Rye Meal)
  • Whole grains are loaded with fiber. Eating the recommended amount of fiber can help prevent obesity and protect you from Type II diabetes and heart disease. Insoluble fiber helps waste pass through your digestive system more easily. Soluble fiber slows the body's digestion of carbohydrates which stabilizes the blood sugar levels. (More on whole wheat bread when on a diet)
  • Sourdough Culture
  • Sourdough starter or culture is just a mixture of flour and water fed on by wild, airborne yeast. It is used to naturally leaven bread. The levels of lactic and acetic acids are higher in sourdough bread. These acids help to prevent blood sugar levels from spiking hours after consumption. The use of long fermentation helps to break down proteins in gluten, which makes the digestion process run more smoothly and helps prevent celiac disease and gluten intolerance. (More on Sourdough for Health)

Here at Wheatberry Bake Shop, we believe in:

  • Proper development and extended fermentation
  • Use of simple ingredients (no added preservatives)
  • Use of unbleached/unbromated bread flour and whole grain flour
  • Use of sourdough culture as a leavener
  • Implementing a thorough bake
We hope you appreciate that we take our time to make high quality products that not only taste great, but are good for you. We refuse to rush through the baking process just to save money.